Human Rights and Labor Policy

1. We respect for human rights is a social responsibility and adhere to the laws and regulations by local government as our responsibility to our employees.

2. We prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment, regardless of nationality, race, gender, or age.

3. We prohibit any form of slave labor or child labor in our business activities.

Health and Safety

1. We believe it is important to create a safe, hygienic and healthy environment at the workplace.

2. We comply to health and safety laws by the government and company’s rules.

3. We establish awareness program and preparatory measure for emergency incident by and provide regular training to employees.


1. We implement, maintain and improve our environmental management system by conforming to the ISO14001 standard.

2. We continuously improve our process by increase efficiency, reduce wastage, reuse of reusable materials and recycle all recyclable materials to conserve resources.

Fair Trade and Ethic

1. We emphasize fair trade and we offer equal business opportunity to all qualified business partner.

2. We prohibit bribery for the advantage of any kind of business activity.

3. We respect third party intellectual property rights and will not infringe upon these rights.

Information Security

1. We implement latest anti-virus software on all our computers against cyber threat to safeguard our company’s and customers’ information.

2. We implement multi-level authentication on all our computers and laptops to prevent leakage of information.

3. We established a proper procedure to dispose unused computer/laptop or smartphone to prevent leakage of information.